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Get ahead of the market by using Large Language Models (LLMs) for language recognition. Join the companies that use the Eldigen platform to generate, categorize, and organize textual information.

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Welcome to the new era of chatbots, using Generative AI.

New generation chatbots do not use programmed scenarios, scripts, and other outdated methods. By training Eldigen LLM with your company's data, you can obtain a more accurate and higher quality virtual assistant for clients or employees.

Meet the external virtual assistant.

ACX (Automated Customer Service), using a generative AI chatbot, reduces customer waiting time by 98%. It can divert up to 70% of situations to quickly resolvable issues. This allows saving service resources and focusing them on content creation, brand development, and sales.

Your LLM

Large Language Model

A specialist trained on your company's unique content and approach.

Train the Eldigen virtual assistant with unique content that remains under your secure control. Create guidelines that match your company's customer service standards.

Eldigen, alongside conversations, discovers trends and issues in content and guidelines.

Companies hire quality managers and invest money for them to identify specific problems and offer solutions. With Eldigen, this process is automated and accelerated, allowing quality experts to focus on creating content, not generating analytics.

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Activate your team and Generative AI strategy.

Generative AI Seminar

Generative artificial intelligence is a new technology. This seminar creates a bridge between theoretical knowledge and its practical application. Find the best solution for your company's specifics.

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Eldigen is a large language models engine for virtual assistants.

Internal virtual assistants as employees.

Eldigen's virtual assistants operate similarly to specialized employees of your company. They learn your technical information, databases, and principles. By resolving various situations, they can understand questions in natural language and respond in natural language, just like a technical specialist.


Quote By learning how generative AI technology works (compared to traditional IT solutions), we discovered a new way to improve the usability of our digital product. As a result, we achieved about 30 hours of savings on customer training. And 25% greater subsequent engagement from the customer. Also, a new method for monitoring system usage.

Edgars Lacis, Sales Director at Pitch Patterns

Eldigen, your partner in implementing Generative AI.

Implementing automation is better with a reliable partner.

The availability of many different generative tools raises questions about security standards and support availability. We create our product as a customized solution tailored individually, not as a publicly available mass product.

Find the critical points in your processes.

Conversation is just a small visible part of the value provided by the Eldigen platform. Using conversation statistics, you can uncover the truth about your business problems almost in real-time, as well as improve customer experience on a daily basis.

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